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Based in Hong Kong, we produce engaging multimedia content about Asia and our planet. Our radio shows, podcasts, written and multimedia features give a fresh new perspective on innovations coming out of Asia to solve the environmental problems we face. Listen now and become a part of the solution to create a Sustainable Asia.

Sustainable Asia

Stories about Asia and the environment…that you probably haven’t heard yet.

A new perspective on how different countries in Asia are tackling a changing planet.

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Trash Talk

RTHK3 Trash Talk Show takes a lighthearted look at reuse, reduce, and recycle in Hong Kong. Hosted by Marcy Trent Long.

Produced in partnership with Plastic Free Seas and RTHK3 Brunch with Noreen Show.

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Awards and Media Coverage

Op-ed: False promise of disposable plastic recycling obscures firms’ role in global waste crisis

Op-ed: False promise of disposable plastic recycling obscures firms’ role in global waste crisis...

 Finalist – Asia’s Best Podcast (2019)

 Finalist - Asia's Best Podcast (2019) Sustainable Asia Podcast  We produce engaging...


June 15, 2021 Online Journalism Award - 2020 Excellence in Collaboration and PartnershipsTHE...

Sustainable Asia Podcast Reviews

I commend the creators of the Sustainable Asia podcast for their continued curiosity and creativity in telling stories that matter, particularly their dedication on highlighting solutions that are actively changing our world for the better.

Lai Sanders

World Economic Forum

I listened to EIGHT MILLION 2 times and shared it with my entire group….Podcast was amazing. It gave me an entire new perspective on some very needed rationale.

John Caturano

Senior Manager, Packing & Recycling Programs, Nestle Waters North America

An excellent listen about why eight million metric tonnes of plastic trash are going into the ocean every year..

Jenna Jambeck

University of Georgia

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