June 15, 2021

 Online Journalism Award – 2020 Excellence in Collaboration and Partnerships



Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world, in large part due to demand from Chinese consumers. In The Pangolin Reports, we investigate their role in global conservation efforts. Scientists are pointing to these peculiar creatures as a possible source of the coronavirus outbreak in China, where a temporary ban on all wildlife trade is now in force. Could this mean fresh hope for pangolins? Why are they so sought-after? And why, despite laws preventing their trade, have they been hunted to the point of extinction?

Power plants have long been a debatable means of power supply, because it is sourced from uranium, a non-renewable and radioactive resource that can pose devastating consequences if leakages occur. Nuclear plants also require massive amounts of water, and the radioactive waste currently has no long-term solution for its disposal.