Episode 0
New Season!
21 April 2022

Put on your headphones and get ready for two new seasons from the Sustainable Asia Podcast about the Global Plastic Treaty and Asia’s Air Pollution woes.

Episode 1
View from Asia
22 April 2022

Could it be true that countries from the UN Environment Assembly committed to negotiating a global plastic treaty over the next two years? And even if the treaty is signed…will it have enough teeth to make a difference to the plastic waste crisis that has persisted over the last decade here in Asia?  In this episode, we speak with experts from Japan, New Zealand, and Indonesia about whether the UN can do for plastic what the Paris Agreement has done for climate change.

This new three-episode season is co-produced by the China Environment Forum with support from The Japan Foundation’s Center for Global Partnership.


Episode 2 
Can Plastic Laws get a Boost in Asia?
6 May 2022

Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio, Legal and Policy Director at the NGO Oceana, is taking on the Philippine government. A decades-old solid waste management law has not been enforced, contributing to massive piles of plastic….where waste pickers make their livelihood. Will the courts require the government to start banning single use plastic? And can a UN plastic treaty reinforce southeast nation’s waste management and data collection laws… to finally make a dent in the plastic waste crisis in Asia?


  • Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio, Legal and Policy Director, Oceana, The Philippines
  • Dr. Simachaya, President, Thailand Environment Institute

Episode 3 
Finally…New Initiatives for Asia
19 May 2022

Of the various challenges Asian countries face when tackling plastic waste…lack of funding is perhaps the one common thread.  So how can more money get to needed programs here?  Seeing the rising demand for PCR (post consumer recycled plastics), Doug Woodring and Maryam AlMansoori believe they have one solution:  a global PCR commodity exchange. Meanwhile, Maggie Lee of VERRA talks about their expansion into plastic credits. Would this replica of carbon credits see similar results?